Who: REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace is an exclusive ‘one-stop’ insurance shopping site. It provides NAR members with a roster of health and wellness insurance plans and products. All plans are from top-rated carriers. Within the Marketplace, NAR members can obtain quotes, compare plans, and purchase directly online.

REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace is administered by SASid, a trusted NAR partner who specializes in helping members find insurance plans and products for themselves and their families.

Association Health Plans

NAR is currently researching the challenges and opportunities for association health plans. Other health plan options, available through REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace, may help members in today's current environment. Contact REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace for consultative assistance and plan options.

What: The Marketplace features a wide variety of individual health and wellness plans. Here’s how it works:

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Products Available

  • A private Major Medical Health Insurance Exchange – offering Qualified Health Plans that meet the mandates of the Affordable Care Act**
  • A private Members Medicare Exchange – Medicare-eligible NAR members may use this exchange to explore supplemental Medicare insurance options and access an online resource center containing a variety of educational tools.
  • Flexible Term Health Insurance – designed to be an affordable temporary medical policy with a limited coverage period (30 days up to 364 days in a calendar year).
  • Members TeleHealth – provides access to licensed physicians through telephone, smartphone app, web chat, or email, and offers a convenient and cost-effective way to get a diagnosis and treatment for non-emergency medical conditions.
  • Members Supplemental Health Plans – designed to be combined with major medical health insurance plans to help pay for services and out-of-pocket expenses that your regular insurance may not cover. Plans available include Accident Deductible Protection and REALTORS® Core Health Insurance.
  • REALTORS® Dental Insurance – an exclusive group plan just for NAR members and their families, providing coverage for preventive, basic, and major dental expenses with the dentist of your choice.
  • REALTORS® Vision Insurance – an exclusive group plan just for NAR members and their families. There are two guarantee issue group plans available: a PPO option and a non-PPO option. Both provide great, competitive rates and include annual eye exam benefits and savings on frames, lenses, and contact lenses.
  • Pet Insurance – these plans help lessen financial worry by providing reimbursement for covered pet healthcare costs. There are two plans from which to choose, providing varying levels of coverage for cats and dogs.
  • Drug Card America – a free discount pharmacy drug card offering savings on select generic and name brand prescription drugs at pharmacies nationwide.

Consultative Advice and Assistance

SASid representatives are available to personally consult and advise you on your individual insurance needs. They can help you navigate the healthcare insurance landscape and identify products and plans that suit the financial considerations and healthcare needs of yourself and your family.


Eligibility varies by product. NAR Members with a valid NRDS ID can view full plan information and obtain a quote. Where applicable, family members may be added to plans. See site for product availability.

Terms, conditions, and limitations apply, based on state insurance laws*, individual eligibility, and age requirements.



About SASid

SASid We Get You...

Smart And Simple Insurance Development (SASid) is the administrator and developer of REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace. SASid is the long-term and trusted partner responsible for managing NAR’s insurance and supplemental products, including the Members Health Insurance Exchange, the Members Medicare Exchange, REALTORS® Dental Insurance, REALTORS® Vision Insurance, Members Telehealth, REALTORS® Core Health, Accident Deductible Protection, Pet Health Insurance, and more.

SASid has been a leader and innovator in developing and marketing insurance on the web since 1999, developing technologies and online insurance products for top insurance carriers and nationwide distribution networks. SASid is located in Janesville, Wisconsin.

* Please note: Some states have mandatory requirements that call for variations in the form of the policy affecting the ability of providers to offer coverage in those states. These are based on individual state laws.

Terms, conditions, and limitations apply, based on state insurance laws, individual eligibility, and age requirements.

** Qualified Health Plans available through the Members Health Insurance Exchange are currently available in most states. Availability is subject to change. SASid continues working on behalf of members to obtain approval in all states and territories. Members who have questions about coverage options are encouraged to contact SASid directly to learn more about the insurance offerings available to them, including state and federal resources.


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