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Adwerx services can help extend message and recruit new members. Or, bring customized training to help your members build their local brand. Call Adwerx to learn how: 888-622-5771.
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In the coming months, success will be based on understanding how to bridge social distance and building a digital strategy that’s right for you.

The marketing experts at Adwerx are available to guide you through practical tips on opening digital channels to make introductions to prospects, conduct your business, and engage with your sphere of influence.

Need personal assistance today? Connect with Adwerx at 888-622-5771.

Who: Adwerx is a simple and effective platform designed to boost your digital marketing strategy by building awareness of your real estate business, winning more referrals, and promoting your listings to a group of targeted homebuyers online. Adwerx’s innovative technology enables your ads to target and follow local prospects as they use mobile apps and Facebook, and browse the web on sites like® and other popular home search sites, plus premium non-real estate sites including NYTimes, CNN, Yahoo, local news sites, and thousands more.

What: Available exclusively to NAR members, you’ll receive 15 percent additional impressions, or bonus views, on newly purchased and renewed campaigns* created on the Adwerx platform.

What does this mean? An impression is when your ad shows up on a website. In other words, it’s when an ad is viewed. So, if you originally targeted 10,000 ad views per month, it will target 11,500 ad views.

Plus, this offer provides extra value when stacked with any existing Adwerx offers you may already enjoy through your brokerage, local association, or other Adwerx partner.

How it works:

The following products are available in Adwerx's suite of offerings for agents and brokers:

  • Ads for Your Listings enable you to target potential home buyers within a specific radius of the home’s address, to people engaging in behavior indicative of moving, such as looking at listings online, or researching moving companies.
  • Ads by Zip Code help you break into established markets by putting your ad in front of people who are thinking about buying or selling in the areas where you want to work.
  • Ads for Your Sphere of Influence empower you to stay top-of-mind with a targeted digital ad campaign that reaches your most important contacts.
  • Ads for Recruiting recruit the best agents for your firm or team with online ads. Great option for Associations, too. 

How: Visit to create ad campaigns with 15% bonus views or to add the bonus views to your existing subscriptions. Be sure to have your NAR Membership ID (NRDS ID) handy and add at checkout when prompted.

To get started or for personal assistance visit, call 888-622-5771, or email

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New Adwerx Subscribers

Simply enter your NAR membership ID number (your NRDS number) at checkout to apply your bonus to the ad you’re purchasing. You only have to enter your NRDS ID once—it will apply to all ad campaigns created or renewed after that point.

Existing Adwerx Subscribers

If you are already running Adwerx ads, you can validate your NAR membership ID number (your NRDS number) on your Adwerx dashboard, and your 15% bonus impressions will apply to all existing campaigns once they renew.

You only have to enter your NRDS ID once—it will apply to all ad campaigns created or renewed after that point.

Only ads that you purchase after entering your NRDS ID number have the bonus applied. If you would like to start your bonus today and don’t want to set up a completely new ad, give us a call and we can help you cancel your existing ad campaign and enable a new campaign with your NAR bonus applied.

Existing Subscriber Through Brokerage or Other Adwerx Partner

You can stack your broker discount and your NAR bonus views and enjoy both benefits! Simply add your NAR membership ID number to your account to get your bonus impressions on newly purchased and newly renewed ad campaigns.*

Brokers and Associations 

This benefit also extends to specialized products created to aid brokers and associations seeking to expand office teams or association membership. Adwerx can work with you to identify what products may work best based on budget, length of time, and number of contacts. Connect with Adwerx directly to discuss options, such as Ads for your Sphere of Influence and Ads for Recruiting, at 888-622-5771.

* Will not be applied to currently running campaigns or to automated listing ads provided by your brokerage.

Program availability and eligibility requirements may vary by partner program. See partner websites for details, terms and conditions. Will not be applied to automated listing ads provided by your brokerage.


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