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REALTORS® Dental Insurance is designed exclusively for members of the National Association of REALTORS® and their families.

There are three plans to choose from (Platinum, Gold, and Value) with 100% preventive dental benefits when using in-network providers.

To learn more about which plan may be suitable for you, start your quote here and call 877-433-5845.

There are benefits for over 370 procedures. These include:

  • Preventive Dental Benefits (no deductible): Bitewings, routine exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and more,
  • Basic Dental Benefits: Full mouth X-rays, amalgam restoration, simple and complex extractions, surgical removal of teeth, deep sedation/general anesthesia, and more.
  • Major Dental Benefits: Onlays, maxillary partial denture – resin base, denture repair, endodontics – root canal, periodontal scaling and root planing, crown and crown repairs, pontics – porcelain fused to noble metal, and more.

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Bonus Benefits: Orthodontia, Cosmetic, and More

Bonus benefits are available with Platinum and Gold Plans.

  • Orthodontia Benefits: A lifetime benefit available to dependent children of the plan.
  • Cosmetic Benefits: Professional tooth bleaching, also referred to as whitening, has become a popular cosmetic procedure. With this benefit, plan members can enjoy having a healthy, white smile that will boost self-confidence and add sparkle to their appearance.
  • Dental Rewards: A valuable feature which allows qualifying plan members to carryover part of their unused annual maximum.

Additional Highlights

  • Freedom of Choice: You’re free to visit any licensed dentist. These plans do have a preferred network (PPO) of dentists available nationwide; your out-of-pocket costs will decrease significantly if you visit a PPO dentist.
  • Large Nationwide Network (PPO): When you visit a participating Ameritas Dental PPO provider, you save money. Ameritas PPO providers have agreed to charge reduced fees. The Ameritas Dental network is comprised of more than 390,000 providers nationwide. You can use a simple online directory to easily find a provider in your area. PPO dentists must meet Ameritas credentialing and quality assurance evaluation requirements.
  • Claims Convenience: You will receive an ID card to present to your dentist at the time of service. The dentist can submit bills to Ameritas, which will pay the dentist directly. You’ll receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement, which will explain how benefits were covered. For your information, claims are available to view online at any time.
  • Maximum Covered Expense (MCE): MCE helps you know exactly what the plan pays for each covered procedure, and pay the difference between that amount and the dentist’s fee. You will receive additional out-of-pocket savings when using an Ameritas PPO provider.
  • Easy Online Billing: You may pay your bill online or have your premiums automatically deducted from your bank account. You can use your Ameritas Member Login to set up and receive e-mail alerts to be notified of upcoming withdrawals.
  • Personal Service: You will have access to professional U.S. customer service support Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. CST. 
  • Credit for Existing Plans: If you have existing coverage under another dental plan you may enroll in a REALTORS® Dental Insurance Plan and receive carryover credit for meeting waiting periods.
Dental Insurance

How to Get This Offer

Please have your Member ID number handy. If you don’t know your Member ID number, you may look it up here.

REALTORS® Dental Insurance is an annual plan. Once enrolled, policyholders have a ten day “look back period.” During this time you can cancel your plan with no penalty or other obligation. Policies require that after the look back period, members make a commitment through the initial 12 monthly periods. Check the website for current rates, plan availability in your area, limitations, and exclusions.


  • REALTORS® Dental Insurance is available to NAR members and REALTOR® Association staff with a Member IDs (if you don’t know your Member ID number, you may look it up here).
  • Immediate family members may be added to a member’s plan.
  • Visit the REALTORS® Dental Insurance website for complete plan details, exclusions, restrictions, and state and territory availability.

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About REALTORS® Insurance Place

REALTORS® Dental Insurance is available through REALTORS® Insurance Place. It features a robust selection of health insurance and wellness products available to NAR members, including major medical, dental, vision, and supplemental health plans, a telemedicine service plan, and more. Benefits specialists are available to answer questions and help members enroll in plans. Consultative services are complimentary.

About SASid

REALTORS® Insurance Place is powered by is SASid, Inc. (Smart and Simple Insurance Development), a long-term and trusted NAR partner. Since 2009, REALTORS® nationwide have put their trust in SASid to help them navigate and enroll in the right insurance plans for themselves and their families. SASid develops technologies and online insurance products for top insurance carriers and nationwide distribution networks.

About Ameritas

REALTORS® Dental Insurance plans are underwritten by Ameritas Group, a division of Ameritas Life Insurance Company. Ameritas is rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company. 

Program availability and eligibility requirements may vary by partner program. See partner websites for details, terms and conditions.