100 Days to Greatness®

Buffini & Company

Buffini’s new agent training program, a 14-week program, provides a step-by-step approach to building a successful real estate business. The program is aimed at newer agents looking for a firm foundation and those returning to the business after a hiatus—but the program will also serve those looking to take their business to the next level.

Exclusive Member Benefit: NAR Members receive a benefit of $100 off the 100 Days to Greatness Program. Brokers can offer 100 Days to Greatness as a companion program to their onboarding processes to help give agents a strong foundation in their business. 


How to Obtain This Offer

  • Individual Agents: Visit buffiniandcompany.com/100DaysNAR to sign up and create an account. Make sure to have your NAR Member ID number handy. You will be notified when your program kit is mailed to you and when access to the online course is live.
  • Mentors and Facilitators: If you’re a broker-owner interested in leading your agents through the program and want to participate as a program mentor or facilitator, visit buffiniandcompany.com/Certified100DaysNAR for complete program details and pricing.

For personal assistance, call 800-376-6158.

About the 100 Days to Greatness Program

Buffini & Company 100 Days to Greatness program, a new agent training program, provides a step-by-step approach to building your business. The program will help set the foundation for a professional career that will withstand the test of time and get you quickly on the road to building a successful real estate business. The program is also helpful for those looking to build greater traction in their career.

What to Expect

  • This 14-week program will have specific action steps each week for you to complete to build your business.
  • There are 21 modules of video training featuring Brian Buffini – filled with tactics and strategies to help you build a strong business.
  • You will receive a kit in the mail containing an interactive workbook, marketing materials and personal notes to use during the 14-week program.
  • You will also have access to Buffini & Company’s Online Resource Center packed with dialogues, real-world role plays, support videos and other helpful resources.
  • Brokers who want improved agent productivity and retention rates can explore the opportunity to become a Buffini-Certified Mentor/Facilitator of 100 Days to Greatness.

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Who Is the Program Designed for?

  • New agents;
  • Agents who’ve been in the business awhile but never really gained traction;
  • Agents who are restarting their career;
  • Agents who struggle with peaks and valleys in income and want to develop a steady, predictable way to work.

How the Program Helps Real Estate Agents/Professionals

  • Delivers a step-by-step program with weekly action steps to help you succeed in your business;
  • Generates a steady stream of quality leads and builds a solid database;
  • Builds your skills in a variety of areas including strategies to help you with listing presentations, handling price reductions, hosting open houses, and working with buyers and sellers;
  • Shows you how to manage every commission check so you have the money to cover your expenses and taxes;
  • Helps to leverage your time, money and energy to be successful in your career!

How the Program Helps Broker-Owners

  • Acts as a companion program to existing onboarding efforts for your new agents;
  • Gives your new agents a solid foundation for their business including quality lead generation, building a database, gaining skills to close deals, and learning winning financial strategies to help manage their commission;
  • Focuses on helping your new agents become productive;
  • Your agents can take it online by themselves or you can lead a class via video conferencing or in person;
  • Helps support your recruiting and retention efforts;
  • The program is designed to stem the tide of new agents who drop out of the business because they don't see a clear path for success or receive adequate training.

About This Partner

Well known and respected in the real estate industry as lead-generation and business building specialists, Buffini & Company has trained and coached more than 3 million business professionals in 37 countries through live events and training programs. Coached agents earn $310,000 per year – that’s 10x the national average in income!

Program availability and eligibility requirements may vary by partner program. See partner websites for details, terms and conditions. Existing Buffini members should login to the Buffini & Company website for enrollment instructions.