Sustainability Is a Group Effort

“Sustainability” reminds most of us to recycle, use less water, and reuse bags. For association executives, it should also remind us of the sustainability, continuity, and long-term success and value of the REALTOR® association. To ensure the association’s continued relevance in our ever-changing world, AEs should keep sustainability at the forefront.

The sustainability of REALTOR® associations is directly tied to two of the goals established by the Association Executives Committee, namely member engagement and experience, along with the Accelerator Achievement Program. 

The first goal focuses on identifying unique and innovative opportunities that enhance what we offer our members. It emphasizes member success and profitability and explores new technologies that can help associations meet members where they are by delivering services in a way that aligns with how members do business. The second goal focuses on challenging associations to continuously innovate and raise the bar to sustain relevance and provide exceptional value into the future.

To ensure the association’s continued relevance in our ever-changing world, AEs should keep sustainability at the forefront.

Engagement and sustainability are closely intertwined. The more members engage and are involved, the more they invest in the success of and their connection to the association. Engagement can take on many different forms, like volunteering on a committee, attending events, investing in RPAC, responding to a survey, or engaging on the association’s social media channels. When we as AEs share with our members the impact we have on the industry and their business, that is critical to their continued success and that of the association.

The AEC is also focused on discovering new ways for our members to experience value. One way is by putting yourself in the shoes of a REALTOR® and offering the benefits that person needs—no matter where that person is in the transaction or the stage of business development. Striving for diamond-level performance in all that your association offers—from world-class customer service to creative programming to emerging technology—will ensure members experience and feel the impact of that value.

In addition, the AEC is challenging associations to identify innovative benefits and services—and how to offer them—to ensure sustained relevance into the future. This means staying ahead of the curve on the issues our members face, actively monitoring trends in the industry, and being proactive rather than reactive. Programs like the National Association of REALTORS®’ REACH Labs have been created to foster collaboration between member expertise and organizational resources to identify game-changing technology companies that can contribute to our field.

The sustainability of the REALTOR® association is a group effort that requires all of us to strive to provide exceptional value, drive innovation, and impact the real estate industry. Having a member-first mentality will keep associations relevant and in the front of members’ minds as they look for a partner to provide valuable resources and benefits to help them succeed well into the future.



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