Small, Intimate Gatherings Contribute to RPAC Success

Leaders at the two Washington, D.C., area associations‚ Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors® (GCAAR) and Washington, D.C., Association of Realtors®—have found that a personal approach to RPAC fundraising is the key to success.

“Because we are in the nation’s capital, the issues that affect our industry really hit close to home,” says 2011 GCAAR President Adrian Hunnings. “At one recent fundraising dinner, all 10 of the potential new RPAC investors who attended the event contributed. We have found that our members like the smaller gatherings, which allow them to get more in-depth information on our legislative initiatives in a private setting.” Most dinners are targeted toward top producers, managers, and friends of board members—all association members.

The association presents what’s going on in public policy at the federal, state, and local levels, focusing on the things that most affect the attendees’ wallets and bottom line, says WDCAR CEO Ed Krauze. “Fear of loss of income is usually one of our best-selling mechanisms.”

“For the price of a nice dinner, we are getting our money back three-fold, sometimes more in major investors and increased RPAC participation,” says GCAAR CEO Mike Moran. Plans are in the works for an RPAC happy hour later this year.