I’ve Earned My C2EX. Have You?

Carla A. Rose is CEO of the Salisbury Rowan REALTORS®, N.C.
Carla A. Rose, CEO, Salisbury Rowan REALTORS®, N.C., wearing the T-shirt all C2EX participants earn once completing the program.

We AEs are busy all day juggling our vast array of duties, so why would we want to add to that to-do list by choosing to participate in a professional development program that doesn’t reward us with a recognized designation?

That was my thought at first. When I heard about Commitment to Excellence  at the Leadership Summit in 2018, I was intrigued. It sounded like a great opportunity for members and a step forward in our organization’s efforts to boost member skills and professionalism. But I wasn’t going to encourage my members to spend their time unless I was willing to spend mine.

I wanted to hold myself to a higher standard as a model for the members I serve. To my surprise and delight, my C2EX journey was not as labor-intensive as I had anticipated, and it provided real value in terms of my own professional growth. 

The C2EX Path for AEs 

I didn’t set a deadline to earn my C2EX endorsement; I just went through it at my own pace. It didn’t consume a large portion of my time. In fact, many will find that they have already completed quite a few of the tasks and need only submit the date of completion.

The free, online self-guided assessment and educational program generates a customized learning path on 11 competencies, including real estate law, the Code of Ethics, advocacy, and trust and integrity. An initial quiz determines whether you test out of any competencies or have to complete additional tasks. Granted, there are competencies and tasks that are not necessarily applicable to AEs who are not active in real estate, but there are different avenues to get to the desired result. For example, one task focuses on completing a personal website. I found that creating and maintaining our association website satisfied this requirement.

I found the C2EX process to be very flexible, and the staff at NAR is incredibly helpful in making sure all participants can fulfill the requirements.

Once I earned the endorsement and added the seal to my email signature, members took notice. They wanted to know more. It started a conversation about professionalism, education, and personal development that we all should strive to have on a regular basis with our members. 

While attending my regional AE Conference in July, I learned that I was the first AE in North Carolina to receive the endorsement. My association leadership congratulated me for my efforts and dedication and has shared the news with others.  

If you’re still on the fence about earning your C2EX endorsement, check out the website at C2EX.realtor, or take a few minutes to watch a video or webinar on the C2EX program. This program has a lot to offer AEs. There are currently more than 30,000 REALTORS® working on their endorsement, and the buzz about the program is continuing to grow. If you have questions or you would like to more, email me at main@salisburyrowanrealtors.com.

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