Writing a Winning Offer on a House

How do you make the best offer to land your dream home? REALTOR® Pat Vredevoogd walks us through the process of writing a winning offer. From price to possession, from contingencies to earnest money, she explains what a buyer should include if they want to win the house. And for sellers, Pat explains what to look for in an offer and explains why price isn’t always everything. Peter Gallo, owner and chief appraiser at HomeSight Appraisal, explains the appraisal process and what it means to buyers, sellers—and the lender. Danielle Hale, the chief economist at Realtor.com, walks us through “” report. This fascinating study examined U.S. markets through the eyes of first-time buyers, looking at home availability, affordability, and price, as well as employment opportunities and the cost of living. Also, Melissa Dittmann Tracey talks about the color beige and the traditional herringbone patterns. Are they hot—or are they not?