Ralph Spencer

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Orlando, FL

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Speaker fee: $5,500 plus expenses.
Course length: Course length is usually a half day. Courses can be modified to fit into specific time slots.


Ralph D. Spencer, CCIM, SIOR is one of the commercial real estate industry's leading consultants and trainers. He has more than 30 years of experience as a practitioner, who has received many awards for outstanding production in commercial real estate. He brings a unique blend of experience in the areas of brokerage, development, company operations, technology and training.

Ralph is a senior faculty member of the CCIM Institute and his client list includes the "who’s who" in the industry. Past audiences have consistently rated Mr. Spencer’s programs as both outstanding and useful. Today, Mr. Spencer's focus is on helping individuals and companies raise the bar and improve their performance.

Course Descriptions

Teaming For SuccessTogether Everyone Achieves More – ½ day workshop. There are two major trends in the business today, teaming and team implosions. Why do some teams work better than others? Come find the best team arrangement for you and learn what the best teams are doing that makes them work. Learn typical roles, responsibilities and distribution of income among team members. If you are thinking of teaming or are part of a team today, you’ll benefit from this workshop based on the most current trends in our business.

Prospecting Mission critical skills – ½ day workshop. The business consists of three parts, finding business opportunities, winning them and fulfilling the assignments. Of the three parts, the most critical is finding new business opportunities. The best prospectors in the business generally are the most successful. This workshop covers everything from the business funnel, contact management systems, targeting, prospecting scripts to qualifying opportunities. Bring your cell phone because we’ll use it to practice making calls. This workshop will move you rapidly toward becoming a better prospector.

Successful Negotiations in Commercial Real EstateYou get what you negotiate – ½ day workshop. There is probably not a more important skill set than being proficient in negotiations; you do it all the time. Understanding the negotiating process and then developing negotiating skills are the outcomes of this workshop. Participants will actually engage in commercial real estate negotiations and throughout the workshop will see individual negotiating skills improvement. Participants will receive digital tools to improve their preparations for negotiations. Other Signature Series audiences have rated this session as excellent.

Getting to the Next LevelKick it up a notch – ½ day workshop. There comes a time in your career when you must "re-engineer" your practice if you want to reach the next level. You must change your knowledge, attitude, skills and habits to reflect how your business needs to work at the next level. You cannot continue to do the same things and expect significantly better results. If you're interested in learning the action steps needed to jump-start yourself to the next level, then this workshop is for you. Other Signature Series audiences have rated this session as excellent.

Financial Literacy - A review of the essentials – A 1/2 day, hands on, practical workshop designed to bring you up to speed on completing commercial and investment financial analysis. The 6 functions of a dollar, the 3 cash flows of any investment, measurements like cap rates, IRR, NPV, - which is the best?; all are covered in this workshop. The workshop includes using both the Hewlett Packard 10BII financial calculator and Microsoft Excel to solve commercial real estate financial problems.

15 Strategies for Becoming a Top Producer in Commercial Real EstateStrategies for success – ½ day workshop. This may be the most valuable session you’ll ever attend because it will help you recognize that you have the potential to be a top performer. Come here the results from 15 years of research and observations of top performers in our industry. What do they do that makes them so successful? Is there a little bit of top producer in each of us? Come hear the secrets and start unlocking your own potential. Other Signature Series audiences have rated this session as excellent.

Seven Essential Habits for Success in Today’s Market

Is what you do in a down market any different than a boom market? Have you been looking for that “silver bullet” that will work like magic? Are there always basics you must do to be effective, no matter the market cycle? Are there new habits that really do work better in down markets? Topics include:

  • Strategies for being proactive
  • The relationship continuum
  • Using the Priority Planner System (digital version included in workshop)
  • A format for company and associate business planning
  • Using the Call Planner System (digital version included in workshop)
  • Effective negotiations preparation
  • FOCUS – The “art” of questioning and skillful diagnosis
  • A template for effective winning business presentations
  • Spencer’s Survival Wheel to successfully navigate through challenging times

No matter if you are a rookie or a veteran; this is one session you will want to attend to identify the seven essential habits for success in today’s market.

Winning Business PresentationsBest practices to win more assignments – A ½ day workshop teaches you “best practices” for organizing and delivering more effective presentations and winning more assignments. Everything from the ideal flow of the winning business presentation to the effective use of posters, banners, place mats, PowerPoint, video and maps will be covered with suggestions based on industry best practices. Learn what the best are doing to win assignments and learn how to adapt these ideas to into your own presentations and win more business.

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