The concern over electromagnetic fields emitted by power lines has long been a topic of conversation for the real estate industry.


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Electric and Magnetic Fields Explained

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) (Florida Department of Environmental Protection, May 10, 2019)

Electric and Magnetic Fields from Power Lines (United States Environmental Protection Agency, Mar. 28, 2019)

Electric and Magnetic Fields (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, May 1, 2018)

Power Lines, Electrical Devices, and Extremely Low Frequency Radiation (American Cancer Society, Apr. 18, 2017)

What are Electromagnetic Fields? (World Health Organization)

Power Lines and Property Values

Group of Penrose Residents Don’t Want Power Lines in Their Backyard (Canon City Daily Record, Apr. 15, 2019)

South Jordan Residents Worried About Proposed Power Lines, High Voltage Risks (KSL TV, Mar. 12, 2019)

Bills Filed to Protect Homeowners Near Transmission Projects (The Houston Chronicle, Mar. 12, 2019)

Study: Lots Near Power Lines Lose Nearly Half Their Value (REALTOR® Magazine, Aug. 22, 2018)

The Electrifying Factor Affecting Your Property’s Value (The Wall Street Journal, Aug. 15, 2018)

The Pricing of Power Lines: A Geospatial Approach to Measuring Residential Property Values (Journal of Real Estate Research, Jan. 2018) E

Power Lines: Health Hazard Or Media Hype?

The 5G Health Hazard that Isn’t (The New York Times, Jul. 16, 2019)

Does Living Under a High-Power Line Cause Cancer? Studies Have Found No Hard Link (Tallahassee Democrat, Apr. 18, 2019)

Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer (National Cancer Institute, Jan. 3, 2019)

Proximity to Overhead Power Lines and Childhood Leukemia: An International Pooled-Analysis (British Journal of Cancer, May. 29, 2018)

eBooks & Other Resources

Books, Videos, Research Reports & More

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Death and Disclosure: Legal Strategies for Dealing with Stigmatized Properties (Richfield, OH: October Research Corporation, 2007) HD 1341 R22d

Cell Towers: Wireless Convenience? Or Environmental Hazard? (Markham, Ont.: Safe Goods/New Century Publishing, 2001) HE 9713 B45

EMF and the Eighth Deadly Sin: The Literature on Property Value Impacts from Proximity to High-Voltage Transmission Lines Since 1994 (Storrs, CT: Real Estate Counseling Group of Connecticut, March 1996) SF-1998-043

Cartographies of Danger: Mapping Hazards in America (Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1997) GB 5014 M66

World Health Organization: Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: Electric & Magnetic Fields

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