Ten Years of Technology

REALTORS® are experts at leveraging technology to keep up with clients who increasingly use the internet in their home search. Over the past decade the technology and online tools that Realtors® use has evolved; a comparison of NAR’s 2003 Member Profile to the 2013 Member Profile proves just how much has changed.

According to the 2013 NAR Member Profile, nearly nine in 10 Realtors® report using smartphones daily or nearly every day, but back in 2003 the smartphone was even listed as a technology tool on the survey. The use of GPS technology has also grown over time; nearly 40 percent of Realtors® report using GPS daily or nearly every day. In 2003 GPS didn’t exist on the member survey.

Story Springboard

  • "The Changing Tech Landscape"

While it may be hard to believe, smartphones and social media were a fairly new concept back in 2003. Talk to a Realtor® about how their use of technology has grown over the last decade and how they leverage it to reach and serve clients. What tech tools didn’t they have back then that they find essential today?