When looking to purchase a home, prospective buyers typically look at the home’s features, the outside space of the property, and oftentimes the community. However, many buyers are now paying just as much attention to commuting options and proximity to transportation and community features. The National Association of REALTORS® recently partnered with Portland State University to survey people in different age groups regarding how they prefer to get around. The survey found that millennials are much more into walking to get to their destinations than other age groups. In fact, more than half of millennials prefer living in attached housing so that they could walk to their destinations and have shorter commutes. That number is lower for those considered Generation X (44 percent), Baby Boomers (43 percent) and the Silent Generation (41 percent).

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Take a look at the 2015 Community and Transportation Preferences Survey. Speak to a REALTOR® to see if the trends in the survey match what’s going on in your community. Talk to homeowners of each generation to see if transportation options play a role in where they choose to live.

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