Committees By Area of Expertise

Members looking to apply for a role on NAR's committees, councils, forums, and advisory boards in 2019 can use this table to see suitable committees that may reflect their areas of skill and expertise.

You can also view the list of committees by Experience Level.

Color key:

Committees Requiring Less Experience
Committees Requiring More Experience
Committees Requiring Most Experience

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Association Leadership

Association Management

Committee Name Experience Level

Executive Committee

Most Experience

Leading Edge Advisory Board

Less Experience

Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee

Most Experience

Strategic Thinking Forum


Sustainability Advisory Group

More Experience



Committee Name Experience Level

Multicultural Real Estate Leadership Advisory Group

More Experience


Committee Name Experience Level

Finance Committee

Most Experience

Real Property Operations Committee

Most Experience

Reserves Investment Advisory Board

Most Experience


Large Residential Firms

Committee Name Experience Level

Idea Exchange Council for Brokers

Less Experience

Law & Policy

Member Services

MLS & Data Management

Public & Federal Issues



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