Michael Michalko

As an officer in the U.S. Army, Michalko organized a team of NATO intelligence specialists and international academics to research, collect, and categorize inventive-thinking methods. His team applied the methods to various NATO military, political, and social problems. After leaving the military, Michalko applied his techniques to CIA think tanks.

Now he speaks and conducts seminars on fostering creative thinking for clients who range from Fortune 500 corporations to associations and governmental agencies. He’s worked with such corporations as 3M, Citibank, Exxon, Gillette, IBM, and Xerox. Visit his Web site at www.creativethinking.net.

Michalko is the author of best sellers “Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Business Creativity,” “Cracking Creativity: Secrets of Creative Genius for Business and Beyond,” and ThinkPak: A Brainstorming Card Deck.