Marketing to the Hispanic Community

Quick Takeaways

  • Latinos face barriers to homeownership, including housing affordability and lack of a social security number
  • Offer Spanish language materials
  • [Be culturally aware]

Source: How to Better Serve Latino Homebuyers in 2023 — and Beyond (Nation Mortgage Professional, Mar. 6, 2023)

Population projections indicate Hispanics will make up the largest growth in population in the coming decades. NAR offers many Spanish language brochures and DVDs with Spanish subtitles that you can use to market to the Hispanic community. Learn how to optimize multilingual social media marketing; and avoid common pitfalls of multilingual marketing. Look to recent reports for authoritative statistics and analysis. Use a variety of consumer websites and resources in Spanish that can be shared with your clients to help inform them of the processes by which real estate is bought and sold.

Understanding Hispanic culture is the key to better marketing. The language used in marketing will depend on your market. Get insights from NAR’s Snapshot of Race and Home Buying in America, along with additional demographic information from the Census Bureau and Statista.

NAR has curated a list of Spanish-language and consumer resources for the Hispanic market, including HUD and Fannie Mae.

See References for more information.