Margot Weinstein

Signature Series Speakers Bureau, CIPS, TRC

Chicago, IL


Speaker fee: $3,000 plus expenses


With over 30 years’ experience, Dr. Margot Weinstein is one of the premier real estate speakers, consultants, and educators/trainers and an award winning author in commercial real estate. In 2001, she founded MW Leadership Consultants LLC so that she could provide extraordinary programs to help real estate professionals acquire the competitive-edge in the business. Her programs have been presented to top universities, associations, and businesses worldwide including University of Chicago, Cornell University, DePaul University, and John Marshall Law School. Margo is currently President of Chicago FIABCI and teaches for NAR’s Realtor University’s online program.

Prior to consulting, Margot was Vice President of Kingston Group Inc, a multi-million commercial real estate company. Over the years as VP, she was involved in every aspect of the business including development, management, training, accounting, marketing, and sales. As a co-developer of Silver Oaks, she won a Good Neighbors Award by the Chicago Association of REALTORS® in 2001.

Margot earned two master’s degrees and a doctoral degree from Northern Illinois University with high honors, and a C.I.P.S. from NAR. She has spoken for many top commercial real estate businesses, universities and associations including Distinguished Real Estate Instructor Association (DREI).

Course Descriptions

Fundamentals of Distressed Real Estate: Challenges and Opportunities

It is estimated that between 2011 & 2014, about $3 Trillion in Commercial Real Estate Loans will mature and about half are underwater. While most real estate professionals know how to make money in a strong market, if you learn how to understand the challenges and complexities of a distressed market you will be prepared to excel in the changing marketplace of the next few years. This course will present an overview of burgeoning distressed market trends with a focus in different sectors of the business in the U.S. You will learn to understand the fundamentals of Troubled Assets. This session will define distressed assets:

  • Bankruptcy Types (Chapter 13, 11 & 7)
  • Auctions Formats and Marketing Terms
  • Short Sales including changes in governmental rules
  • Foreclosures
  • Lender REO (Bank Owned Real Estate)
  • Restructured/Modified or Refinanced
  • Examine the most successful legal techniques surrounding the acquisition of distressed real estate assets
  • Learn key factors in managing tax and regulatory issues

In summation, this course will help you gain the knowledge and skills to understand, evaluate and profit with all types of distressed real estate transactions. You will learn the right question to ask when meeting with owners, lawyers, and potential clients and how you can make money in this area of real estate.

Build Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio – Take Advantage of the New Economy

Do you practice what you preach? This course provides real-world information on how to build your commercial investments. Learn how to identify opportunities, determine value, structure deals for maximum returns, acquire financing, learn management techniques and top sales tips, too. If you want to learn the major aspects of buying, remodeling, managing, marketing or selling commercial properties for profit, then this program is for you! Fundamentals of commercial real estate investments covers:

  1. How to do research to Identify Opportunities
  2. Evaluate Transactions and Structure Deals for Maximum Returns including using a Sales Comparison Approach, Cost Approach and Income Approach utilizes the theory of Capitalization Rate or Cap Rate, and a Due Diligence
  3. Major Aspects of Acquire Financing
  4. Five Major Aspects of Buying including types of Ownership
  5. Four Top strategies for Remodeling
  6. Managing Properties to Maintain Value
  7. Marketing/Selling Properties for Profit including using a Pro-Forma
  8. Maintaining Your Expertise and Professionalism
  9. Conclusion: Evaluate your portfolio (Action Plan/Activities)

Build-Your-Business-Fast Boot Camp

Many businesses fail in the competitive marketplace. If you are starting a new business, or trying to grow your business, this course will help you develop strategies and map out a business plan to achieve your goals. This course provides an overview of the latest trends in the marketplace to make money. You will learn how to select the best audience for your services using products from the latest demographic, lifestyle, generational issues, and real estate trends in order to make money. Learn how to create your “Mission Statement,” develop your “Elevator Speech,” build a business and financial plan and select the right technology for your workplace and your clients. Learn how to hire and train the right people for the right job, and how to deal with difficult people and difficult situations. Write a plan for your future growth!

The Art of Networking Like Pros

Become a relationship expert for life. In the words of Dale Carnegie, “You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.” This session will help you develop the best techniques and new technologies to use to build long-term relationships with colleagues, clients, professional organizations, universities and others. Regardless of whether you plan to travel to clients around the world, or work exclusively with clients in your local markets, these techniques will expand your ability to create lasting relationships that will dramatically increase your business and your personal satisfaction.

The Art of Providing Customers Service in a Global Economy

The words of Theodore Roosevelt still ring true: “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” With new technologies and global travel, providing superior customer service is not as simple as it was in the past. Whether you plan to travel, or work with a diverse audience in your local market, you must serve your clients’ needs in a global business environment. Learn 101 ways to provide top customer service with a minimum of time and budget. Learn how to get new customers, keep past customers, deal with difficult customers, examine legal issues, use technology effectively and design a plan to evaluate your business growth. And learn tips to stay healthy while building your business!

Insider’s Secrets for Writing and Publishing: Low Cost Marketing for Big Results

When it comes to marketing and advertising your products or services, writing continues to be the chief form of communication in real estate. This cannot be overstated with the growth of the Internet. This course presents an overview of proven techniques to write clearly and concisely for different types of publications, including newsletters, blogs, broadcast emails, flyers, journals and books. Learn tips on how to make money, once you have published your work, through Web sites, book store signings and presentations at organizations and universities. Learn how to use your writing to dramatically increase your business and have fun in the process!

Top Ten Marketing Mistakes Real Estate Professionals Make and How to Avoid Them

Effective marketing is the key to success in any business. Attend this session to find out how to avoid making any or all of the top ten marketing mistakes that real estate professionals often make, and learn techniques to help you design a top marketing program for your audience to fit the current market. Learn how to reach the right customers for your services or products, how to present a professional image and how to create and make terrific sales presentations to take full advantage of your products or services.

Land Your Ideal Position in Commercial Real Estate

Learn how to achieve your career goals. This practical workshop is based on techniques and interviews in Dr. Weinstein’s top-selling books: 7 Steps to Find Your Perfect Career and Commercial Real Estate Career Education and Resource Guide. These strategies are used by students and professionals worldwide, including those at the University of Chicago and John Marshall Law School. Gain an overview of the specializations in commercial real estate and where the opportunities are today. Develop your professional portfolio by analyzing your skills and abilities to find your niche. Learn how to put your fear aside to move forward. Be inspired by stories from leaders like Sam Zell, Equity Group Investments, Steven Good, CEO, Sheldon Good & Company and Dale Reiss, Ernst & Young. Leave with a plan to move forward with balance in your work and your life!

Leadership Strategies of the Best in the Business

Warren Bennis says, “Leadership is the capacity to turn your vision into reality.” This program is based on the 12 leadership strategies uncovered in interviews with 200 industry leaders and top producers, including Sam Zell, Equity Group Investments, and Patricia Choi, Choi International. The leadership program won the 2006 “Best Research Paper in Education” award from the American Real Estate Society. Learn how to sharpen your financial aptitude, your problem-solving skills and your communication skills to overcome the challenges arising from market conditions and clients’ misconceptions, and how to design an action plan to increase your profits, decrease stress and increase the quality of your life.

Training from the Top: 16 Techniques to Retain and Motivate Employees

As the workforce continues to change, you need to learn techniques to reduce your employee turnover, and increase the satisfaction both of your employees and your clients. This course provides 16 techniques to help your sales people and employees solve problems with the customer when the situation arises. The program was designed by Dr. Weinstein from a real-world business practice and was published by the American Society of Training and Development in In Action: Retaining Your Best Employees. Learn techniques to motivate your employees to learn and to feel valuable to the organization. Leave with activities to gain greater financial success for your business.

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