How Two Calendars Can Keep You Organized

Using two calendars can help you get an overview of the entire month while focusing on day-to-day tasks.
person using planning calendar

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Knowing what’s ahead can help reduce stress and increase feelings of control. Keep track with not one but two calendars: one that serves as an overview of the entire month, and another that focuses on day-to-day tasks.

Monthly Calendar: Its main purpose is to ensure events don’t overlap and remind you what to prepare for in the upcoming weeks. The most common items for real estate agents on this list are meetings, tours, and showings.

detail of month overview of calendar

Daily Calendar: Break down each event from the monthly calendar into detailed action steps. Write out the exact location, who’s involved, time of arrival, what you need to bring with you, and other pertinent information. You’ll avoid having to rummage through your computer or papers to find these ­specifics while on the go.

detail of daily overview on calendar