You Offer an Essential Service

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Writing on Medium this week, Brian Copeland, ABR, CRS, founder and owner of Doorbell Real Estate in Nashville, Tenn., talks about the future of the real estate industry, the state of the real estate brokerage profession, and NAR’s ongoing work to foster innovation for the benefit of consumers everywhere.

Technology is rapidly transforming real estate, Copeland says, an evolution that the National Association of REALTORS® is embracing. “What's also undeniable, although less intuitive, is that these transformations have made real estate professionals even more critical,” he says. “Research shows 88% of those who start their home buying search online ultimately use a real estate agent as the process moves forward.”

Copeland, who currently serves as an NAR regional vice president, takes on “misleading claims that real estate agents are no longer valuable in the Internet age,” outlining the many essential services offered by real estate professionals.

“Just because I can buy and sell GameStop stock commission-free on Robinhood,” he says, “doesn't mean it's a good idea to lay down my retirement fund without any expert advice.”

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