Worst DIY Home Blunders Over the Past Year

Woman working on home project

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The DIY industry has been booming since the pandemic as more homeowners tackle house projects while sheltering in. But some projects may be doomed to fail.

Homeowners report spending an average of $184.13 to fix their failed DIY house projects, according to a new survey from Cinch Home Services, a home warranty company. Certain DIY projects may be more prone to end in mistakes: For example, one in five attempted bathroom DIY projects ended in failure.

Cinch Home Services surveyed more than 1,000 consumers about their recent DIY experiences—about 90% had taken on a DIY home project during the pandemic.

Millennials are the most likely to be confident in their DIY home expertise—however, they’re also the highest age group to report the largest number of DIY fails, according to the Cinch Home Services survey. Millennials reported spending an average of $220.50 to fix their failed DIY projects compared with $127.10 baby boomers spent on any of their own mishaps.

Homeowners are turning to other sources before they tackle a DIY house project. For example, the most common way to learn DIY skills was from video tutorials, a friend or family member, or online articles.

These are the most common DIY fails, according to the survey:

A graph showing the areas of the home most likely to suffer DIY fails
A graph showing which DIY projects are most likely to end in failure