Where the Most Single Households Are in America

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© Tara Moore - Stone/Getty Images

The nation’s capital has the highest percentage of single-person households in the U.S. at 45%, according to a new study conducted by Aging in Place, a resource for seniors. The District of Columbia, with a population of 714,000, also boasts the lowest median age in the nation and has the largest percentage of business professionals, researchers note.

North Dakota is second, with nearly 34% of single-person households, the study shows. Researchers say this may be partly because North Dakota leads the U.S. in job creation and in attracting young professionals.

The research also reveals the states with the highest portion of widowed residents:

  • West Virginia: 7.8%
  • Alabama: 7.1%
  • Arkansas: 7.1%

The states with the highest portion of divorced people—each with a share of 14%—are Maine and Nevada, according to the study.

Chart of states with most single households