What’s Holding Back Your Marketing?

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©Panuwat Dangsungnoen / EyeEm - Getty Images

Personalized marketing and ad content can provide some of the most significant benefits to your marketing, according to the 2021 Content Effectiveness Report from Lucidpress, a brand templating platform. The report covers how content impacts professional industries, including real estate.

The majority of 452 professionals surveyed say they’ve noticed an increase in demand for content over the past year. But they admit they’ve been unable to capitalize on the demand. Impersonalized content and constraints in creating content are among the challenges that companies are pointing to.

“Most businesses are trying to figure out how to scale content without an understanding of how effective their content actually is,” says Owen Fuller, CEO of Lucidpress. “Understanding the ROI of your content will help you make the right decisions on where to invest in a world where content is still king.”

Here are some of the challenges professionals recognized:

Off-brand content: Seventy-seven percent of respondents say off-brand content is created at their company. But more than two-thirds say that brand consistency is what contributes to between 10-20% of their revenue growth. As such, off-brand content could be a costly loss due to inconsistency, researchers note in the study.

Impersonalized content: Forty-three percent of respondents said that the majority of their customers expect personalized content. Yet, only 32% of respondents said the majority of their content is personalized. Sixty-two percent of real estate brands say they personalized at least half of the content they send to prospects.

Lack of confidence in content: Nearly one-third of respondents said that less than 25% of consumer decisions are impacted by their content. Only 27% of respondents say that they actively measure the ROI of the content they produce.

Constraints to creating content: Nearly 40% of respondents report that it takes around one week or more to produce content, and only 11% say their requests can be completed in less than a day. Brands should develop a way to overcome this “content bottleneck” with personalized marketing content, which could increase a brand’s revenue by 48% on average, the report notes.