What’s a ‘Premier Suburb?’

Aerial shot of suburban development

©Michael H - Stone/Getty Images

A premier suburb often comes with city-like amenities, but those can come at a hefty price tag, too. About 76% of the 100 top-ranked suburbs in the country are actually more expensive than the principal city in the same metro area, according to a new analysis from StorageCafe.

Premier suburbs offer quality housing, top-notch schools, vibrant shopping and dining scenes, and plenty of outdoor recreation activities. But can affordability still be found in premier suburbs?

StorageCafe recently ranked the top premier suburbs based on affordability. They found that the Chicago suburbs dominated eight of the top 10 spots. Crystal Lake in Chicago had the most affordable homes at about $301,750 nationwide, according to the study.

The following are the top 20 “affordable” premier suburbs, according to StorageCafe’s rankings.

Suburb ranking from StorageCafe