Top Tech Stories: Cyberthreats, 3D-Printed Homes

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A new type of home came to “print” this year and growing cyberthreats put real estate agents on alert. REALTOR® Magazine’s most popular technology articles of 2021 cover a variety of topics.

Wait! That’s My Listing Photo

In the world of real estate photography, image quality isn’t the only factor that counts. To ensure you’re doing right by your clients and your company, you need to understand and follow best practices in real estate photography law and technology.

9 Steps to Help Decide on Solar Energy for a Home

Prove your value to your green-minded clients by walking them through what they need to consider before installing solar panels.

6 Steps to Secure Your Router Against Cyberattacks

Your personal Wi-Fi network is a prime target for hackers. To protect your and your clients’ private information, beef up your cybersecurity at home. Here’s how.

The 3D-Printed Home Option

A new era of affordable, fast-built, more sustainable homes is underway.

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