Top Places to Buy a Beach House in 2021

Aerial view of Galveston, Texas, shoreline.

©Tim Leviston / EyeEm - Getty Images

It’s cool to remote work from the beach. Second homes have surged in demand as employees have become freed from long city commutes during the pandemic. Many consumers are also taking on second homes to rent them out and bring in a new revenue stream.

Beaches remain a hot spot for second homes. The research firm Filter King identified the best beach towns in the country in 2021 by factoring in the lowest house and Airbnb prices as well as characteristics of the location, such as its air quality, rainfall, average temperature, and more.

Here are the areas that topped Filter King’s list as best U.S. coastal towns to own a beach house in 2021:

Chart of the best beach house location in the U.S.