Top Opened Email Subject Lines

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© Luis Alvarez - DigitalVision/Getty Images

Consumers’ email inboxes are constantly being flooded with messages. How do you make yours stand out? Use effective subject lines that make them take notice.

A recent consumer survey from ActivePipe, an email marketing firm, found the following subject lines generate the most opens on emails that are sent from real estate professionals:

  1. “Just Sold in Your Area”
  2. “Real Estate Market Snapshot for Your Area”
  3. “Have You Been Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?”
  4. “List Now or Later—Why the [enter season] Market Pays Dividends”
  5. “Six Steps to Get Your Home Ready for a Listing”
  6. “Thinking About a Vacation Home?”

The ActivePipe survey found that regular electronic communications via email tends to deliver the highest level of client loyalty. Clients are more likely to open and follow up on electronic communications if there is an existing relationship and some level of trust with the sender before, too.

Once an agent has landed a client, what keeps clients engaged without feeling pressured? The survey found the information with the highest engagement among buyers tended to be current listings and comps. Among sellers, market trends for the area landed at the top, while “recently sold” data interested both buyers and sellers.

After a transaction, consumers say they prefer to be contacted by the agent with monthly emails and newsletters, quarterly phone calls, emails or texts on special occasions, such as birthdays or holidays, and a telephone follow-up after the transaction to verify satisfaction and success, the survey finds.