Top Injuries From Home Improvement Flubs

Bandaged finger holding nail on wood

© Dan Brownsword - Image Source/Getty Images

Ever since the pandemic began, more homeowners may be tempted to DIY house projects. But the risk of injury is real.

“No home improvement is entirely risk-free, whether it’s dropping a can of paint on your toes or falling off a ladder,” according to a new analysis of home improvement injuries conducted by, a platform all about home, renters, auto, life insurance and more.

Home improvement injuries result in thousands of emergency visits each year. The following chart shows the most common injuries.

A bar chart showing the most common injuries resulting from accidents during home improvement projects.

The most common body parts injured in home improvements gone awry are the finger, hand, eyeball, head, and upper trunk area of the body, according to the study. The most dangerous household tools that are blamed for causing the most injuries are workshop manual tools (e.g., hammers) and power home workshop saws.

“To avoid injuries while doing projects at home, make sure you know how to use tools properly before operating them,” Clearsurance notes in the study. “Additionally, make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothing, so nothing gets stuck in the equipment while you’re using it.”