Top Cities for Singles in 2021

Woman on bicycle in Sausalito, California.

©Klaus Vedfelt - Getty Images

San Francisco is the best place to be single, according to a new report from Cinch Home Services. The high-priced coastal city got a boost in the rankings for its high number of single residents and abundant options for activities, the study notes.

Cinch Home Services recently analyzed 100 of the largest cities and ranked them based on the percentage of the population that is single; average wages after taxes; median rent for a one-bedroom apartment; and the number of recreational activities.

San Francisco saw prices fall during the height of the pandemic. Rents dropped about 20% but began rebounding earlier this year. The median price for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,330 in July, according to Apartment List data.

“Now that the tech companies are calling back their workers and the economy is improving, the single people are coming back for their jobs,” Herman Chan, a real estate broker with Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Real Estate, told® about the survey results. Still, prices are not back to pre-pandemic levels yet.

Cinch Home Services ranked the following 15 cities as tops for singles for 2021:

  1. San Francisco
  2. Chicago
  3. Atlanta
  4. Seattle
  5. Los Angeles
  6. New York City
  7. Boston
  8. Houston
  9. Pittsburgh
  10. Philadelphia
  11. Austin, Texas
  12. Richmond, Va.
  13. San Diego
  14. Dallas
  15. Buffalo, N.Y.
The cities with the most singles overall are: Boston (57.3%); Washington, D.C. (56.8%); Detroit (56.7%); Atlanta (55.1%); and Milwaukee (54.2%)