The Happiest Places to Live in 2021

A man rides his bike at sunset across a street, holding his son steady on the handlebars.

© AleksandarNakic - E+ / Getty Images

What makes for a happy state? Health, income, work-life balance, environment, housing, and plenty of sleep. Researchers with Amerisleep analyzed 17 factors that they believe contribute to happiness among the 50 states to find the happiest residents of all.

“This data paints a fascinating picture of happiness across the U.S.,” says April Mayer, a spokesperson with Amerisleep. “The study analyzed a large array of factors, from sleep levels and access to health care to average commute time and house size. The states at the top of the list offer a great combination of the things that make people happy.”

The happiest state for 2021: North Dakota, according to the rankings. The state boasts the highest levels of income growth over the past year, the second-highest score for open spaces, and the highest number of national parks per square foot.

The top 10 happiest places, according to the study, are:

A list of U.S. states ranked by qualities like health, education, work-life balance, and more.

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