Ensuring the Integrity, Security of Your Member Data

NAR uses a three-tiered strategy to keep cyberattacks at bay.
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With well over 1 million member records and an e-commerce system that processed more than $1.5 billion in transaction volume in 2021, NAR databases are an attractive lure for cybercriminals. That’s why comprehensive data security is one of the most important benefits NAR provides its members.

There’s a saying in the IT world. Cyberattacks are like outrunning a bear: You can’t. But you can make yourself so secure, the bear loses interest. Under the direction of a cybersecurity team, NAR uses a three-tiered strategy to keep those bears at bay: prevention, protection and recovery.

Prevention involves front-line tactics like antivirus software, multi-factor authentication, password reset policies and staff training. Protection goes even deeper with 24/7 database monitoring and routine checks for vulnerabilities. In addition, NAR strictly limits who can access databases and segregates the REALTOR® Electronic Commerce Network and other platforms from each other. NAR also follows financial industry protocols, known as PCI, for credit card transactions. Finally, there’s recovery. NAR maintains redundant, off-site data, which enables the association to retrieve lost information quickly.

Members can opt in to or out of NAR newsletters, and can hide their information from the Find a Member search on nar.realtor and Find a REALTOR® search on realtor.com®.

In recent years, NAR has brought improved efficiency and accuracy to the member database, known as REALTORS® M1. To help prevent errors, access to certain form fields is limited to specific association levels. For example, only the local association to which the member belongs can enter member license information. An upcoming system release will compare old and new member data to prevent inaccurate overwrites. And form features like auto-lookup streamline data entry so associations can spend more time being productive for their members.

The bottom line is that accurate member data enables an stronger overall member experience: When NAR better understands its members, it can provide even more useful and customized resources and services.

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REALTORS® strongly support efforts to protect consumers' sensitive personal information.