Survey: Maintenance a Leading Source of Buyer’s Remorse

A man repairing a bathroom sink's P-trap

© Granger Wootz / Getty Images

Many homeowners hate home maintenance. In fact, nearly one in five people say they regretted buying a house because of the chore of maintaining it, according to a survey from HomeAdvisor of 1,000 homeowners. What’s more, about half of owners underestimate the time, money, and effort needed to maintain a home. Generation X—those born between 1965 and 1980—were the most likely to underestimate the time home maintenance can take.

Home experts recommend tidying up your house for 15 to 30 minutes a day. Also, homeowners should budget about 1% of their purchase price for maintenance. In other words, a $500,000 home likely will cost about $5,000 yearly in maintenance, according to the HomeAdvisor report.

Homeowners most dread the tasks of cleaning windows, gutters, and bathroom fans, according to the survey. View the responses below to see the least enjoyable home maintenance tasks.

A bar chart listing the home maintenance chores and tasks homeowners most commonly dislike

Seventy-four percent of homeowners responded that they’d prefer to delegate home maintenance tasks to a professional. Gen Xers are the most likely to want to do this.

But putting off these tasks can be a costly mistake. Homeowners reported home issues could be caused by delaying certain maintenance.

A bar chart showing the top consequences resulting from forgoing home maintenance tasks.