Survey: Buyers Judge a Home by Its Kitchen

Modern and bright Loft kitchen

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The design of the kitchen could make or break a home sale. Fifty-five percent of consumers recently surveyed said that a good kitchen could convince them to buy a home they otherwise wouldn’t, according to a new survey from Rocket Homes of more than a 1,000 homeowners and home buyers. On the flip side, a similar number of respondents said an ugly kitchen would make them pass on a home.

Consumers cited upgraded appliances, countertops, floors, and cabinets as important in kitchens.

In home remodels, kitchens may be one spot to prioritize, researchers note.But these house projects don’t come cheap: Homeowners should plan to spend about 16% of their home’s value on a kitchen renovation, according to the survey.


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Consumers also are judging the primary bathrooms in a home. Fifty-four percent of buyers said a quality primary bathroom could convince them to buy a house they otherwise wouldn’t consider, the survey shows.

Some of the features that consumers called out as important in primary bathrooms were an upgraded shower, fixtures, vanities and countertops, floors, and bathtub.


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