Porch vs. Patio: Do Your Clients Know the Difference?

Backyard patio area.

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Porch and patios are not the same. But they’re both in demand, so it’s worth knowing the differences so you can present them accurately to your home buyers.

Homeowners and buyers want more outdoor space since the pandemic started, and a porch or patio can offer that.

A patio is usually found in the backyard. It’s often made from poured concrete or stone pavers.

On the other hand, porches are usually attached to the front of a house and covered by a roof or awning. They’re usually built onto the house and considered an architectural feature of the home.

“A porch is a charming and welcoming spot in the home,” Lina Galvao, interior designer and co-owner of Curated Nest Interiors, told Apartment Therapy. “It can add curb appeal and can be a relaxing place to hang out and people watch. A patio is often less formal, as it is usually in a private area of the yard and often has a grill or seating. It doesn’t necessarily set the tone for the house like a porch might, but it serves as a wonderful area for relaxing and entertaining.”

The National Association of REALTORS®’ remodeling report estimates that installing an 18-by-16-foot concrete paver patio will cost about $7,200. An estimated return on investment is $5,000, or about 69% of the cost when you sell your home.

Adding a new wooden deck is more expensive. It will cost about $10,000 but could recoup about 80% of that at resale.

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