NAR to Enforce Member Conduct Policies With Standing Committee

By transitioning a temporary “Special Committee” to a permanent committee, NAR takes an important step forward in the work of improving the association’s policies and culture.

On Wednesday, the National Association of REALTORS® Executive Committee approved the transition of a temporary committee investigating potential conduct violations into a standing Member Accountability Committee. The committee will maintain and enforce association policies related to member conduct— such as the Member Code of Conduct and the Leadership Pledge—by conducting fair and impartial investigations of any alleged violation of applicable association policies. The existing members of the temporary committee will continue their work as part of the permanent committee.

“Having a permanent committee promotes accountability,” says NAR President Kevin Sears, who presides over the Executive Committee, “and it furthers our commitment to fostering a safe and respectful environment for members and staff to conduct the business of the association.”

Last September, after charges of harassment surfaced, the Executive Committee formed three groups:

  • Policies and Procedures Task Force to conduct a comprehensive assessment of NAR’s existing policies, procedures and practices.
  • Culture Transformation Commission, currently examining what organizational change is needed to ensure a healthy, respectful environment where members and staff focus on the core mission of supporting members’ business success and protecting private property rights.
  • A temporary Special Committee to handle harassment, discrimination and misconduct complaints about members’ behavior.

The Executive Committee today acted on a recommendation of the Policies and Procedures Task Force to make the Special Committee permanent.  The seven-person Member Accountability Committee will be composed mainly of NAR members, with at least one seat reserved for a state or local association executive.

“Today’s action demonstrates that those groups are doing their work and moving forward recommendations to improve our policies and culture,” says NAR Interim CEO Nykia Wright.