NAR Earns Green Business Bureau’s Platinum Certification for Sustainability

Only one in five companies meet the requirements that the association did to win the GBB’s highest award.
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The National Association of REALTORS® has earned the Green Business Bureau’s platinum certification for sustainability—the highest level awarded—in the first year the association applied for the honor. Only one in five companies that apply meet the requirements to earn the GBB’s platinum certification.

As a trusted authority in green business, GBB provides online solutions to help purpose-driven businesses of all sizes learn, prioritize, manage and certify green initiatives. Their customers use their sustainability framework and solutions to engage employees, manage their sustainability programs and become greener. GBB’s certification process is entirely initiative-based, so companies will receive points for each and every activity it completes. Initiatives are organized by the business area they impact, such as transportation or office materials, and further marked by the effort, cost and greening impact of the initiative.

Certification through membership with GBB highlights NAR’s commitment to sustainability leadership among members, associations and industry groups, underscoring one of NAR President Leslie Rouda Smith’s 2022 strategic priorities and meeting goals laid out in NAR’s Sustainability and Resilience Plan to monitor and measure activity in this space.

Check out NAR’s GBB certification profile, including the rated categories and specific sustainability actions.

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