More DIY Projects, Fewer Injuries

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Fewer homeowners have required hospital visits to address injuries sustained during a home improvement or maintenance project over the past year. The news may come as a surprise since renovations have surged during the pandemic.

There were fewer reported injuries due to wires and cords (down 75%), soldering and cutting tools (31%), hoists and jacks (28%), and nails (20%), according to a new study from ValuePenguin, the parent company of LendingTree. The most prominent drop in injuries around the home related to yard and garden work, the survey finds. (A recent study also found that lead-based paint violations are surging in the remodeling boom.)

Home improvement chart
Home improvement chart

The ValuePenguin study finds that injuries related to barbecue grills, holiday and party supplies, and hot tubs are on the rise. There was a 109% jump in hot tub injuries over the past year, for example.

Home improvement chart

Homeowners inviting house guests back to their home should check their home insurance policy to see what's covered. Homeowners insurance offers personal liability coverage to policyholders. But the cost of home insurance increases an average of 21% after a liability claim, the study finds.