Megamansion Shatters Auction Record for Homes

An auction gavel sits to the center right in the frame, with a small house miniature slightly behind it.

boonchai wedmakawand - Getty Images

The megamansion named “The One,” in Los Angeles’ Bel Air neighborhood, sold at an auction this week for a record high price. The home, the biggest U.S. home ever to go up for auction, has 21 bedrooms, 49 bathrooms, a 30-car garage, and five swimming pools, according to Fortune.

The home sold this week at auction for $141 million, which includes a 12% commission, Fortune reports. That is more than double the previous record for a U.S. home auction, according to Concierge Auctions, which ran the sale.

“The One” failed to attract a buyer at its $295 million listing price. The home’s developer, Nile Niami, a former film producer, spent nearly a decade building the estate, which occupies four acres on a Bel Air mountaintop with views of the Pacific Ocean, downtown Los Angeles, and the San Gabriel Mountains. Niami had plans to build a home that would one day fetch $500 million, but he lacked the funding to complete his vision. Lenders foreclosed on the project, and his firm, Crestlloyd LLC, filed for bankruptcy last year.

The sale from the auction requires approval by a bankruptcy court judge before it’s final.