Your association’s ombudsman program can help you can nip conflict in the bud.
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I have heard about an ombudsman program at my local REALTOR® association. What exactly is it, and how does it work?

Most of us don’t like conflict. Consumers and real estate professionals who want to vent or voice a concern about an agent or broker may be reluctant to discuss a concern directly or file a written complaints, leaving the problem unresolved.

The alternative is to contact a local or state REALTOR® association ombudsman program. In its simplest definition, an ombudsman program provides informal telephone mediation completed by a neutral person. The National Association of REALTORS® requires all REALTOR® associations across the country to offer ombudsman services to their members and consumers, either directly or through an agreement with other REALTOR® associations.

The ombudsman’s job is to listen to concerns, bring understanding to the situation, and help reach an amicable resolution among all parties. This is a huge benefit to agents and brokers who are REALTORS®. With the assistance of an ombudsman, they have a chance to clear up misunderstandings that they may not have even known existed and ensure positive relationships moving forward.