2022: The Year Disclosure Became the Top Legal Issue

From disclosing property issues and multiple offers to the risks of buyer “love letters,” these were the top law and ethics topics on your radar this year.

Ethical quagmires during showings, disclosure issues, the legal risks of artificial intelligence and buyer “love letters” proved to be big areas of concern this year for real estate professionals.

The top law and ethics articles at REALTOR® Magazine online for 2022 are:

hidden camera in property

1. 3 Showing Dilemmas: Illegal, Unethical or Just Plain Rude?

Test yourself on three common scenarios when you’re taking buyers on home tours.

property disclosure report

2. Top Claim Against Agents: Failure to Disclose

Not revealing known property defects to a buyer—a common problem in real estate, studies show—can land you in court. Follow these best practices to avoid liability.

Disclosing mulitple offers in real estate

3. Disclosing Other Offers on Homes for Sale

As a listing agent, am I required to disclose that I already have offers on the property to any agent who wants to show my listing or any buyer who wants to see my listing?

Using artificial intelligence in real estate

4. Using AI to Enhance Listing Photos Can Be Legally Risky

You can’t misrepresent a property, but there are ethical ways to use images generated by artificial intelligence to improve your clients’ experiences and better serve their needs.

Home buyer love letters

5. First Amendment Argument Wins the Day

Love letter ban ruled unconstitutional, but risks remain if buyers submit them.