8 Kitchen Ideas to Refresh Your Space

These refreshing kitchen ideas are a simple way to update and bring life back to an often overlooked space. From lighting to appliances, we have an idea for every kitchen.
father and child cooking in the kitchen

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Whether you're entertaining or cooking for the family, the kitchen is a hub of activity that's probably overdue for a refresh! As you think about kitchen goals, easier maintenance, better hygiene, and fresher style might come to mind, and these upgrades can help. 

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Update Ideas

Before you move forward with a kitchen refresh, think about your space. What do you love about it? What do you feel is missing? Maybe you love the natural light, but the color of the countertops shows dirt in the light all day long. Maybe your kitchen is modern, and you want to make it feel more lived-in.

Thinking about how you use your kitchen and how you want it to feel can guide you in the right direction as you decide which kitchen ideas to take as your own and which to leave. These 8 refreshing kitchen ideas can help create a more hygienic, lower-maintenance kitchen space.

1. Make the Sink More Functional

Switch out a kitchen faucet for a touchless model and install a workstation sink that includes interchangeable accessories to improve functionality.

2. Refresh Kitchen Countertops

Replace high-maintenance countertops with a solid surface quartz. Germ-killing antimicrobial agents are baked into the material.

3. Consider Antimicrobial Flooring 

For increased foot traffic, try cork flooring, which is antimicrobial and water resistant, or ceramic and porcelain tile slab surfaces. Other good options are woods and terrazzo with tight grout joints.

4. Look for Small Appliances

Get small appliances. They’re easier to store and preserve more counter space for the cooks. Favorites for easy, healthy cooking are the air fryer, Instant Pot, and immersion blender.

5. Organize Kitchen Drawers 

Reorganize drawers to incorporate a charging station and a place for COVID-19 supplies.

6. Personalize the Kitchen With Pottery and Ceramics 

Personalize the space with pottery.

7. Go for New Shades and Cabinet Hardware 

Add a Roman shade at a sink window and hipper-looking cabinet hardware.

8. Add Versatile Lighting 

Update lighting. It helps for reading recipes, chopping, and clean-up. A dimmer switch is great to lower lights when enjoying the space with a relaxing glass of wine after all the work!