These features from years gone by are popular again, but with a contemporary twist.
terrazzo wallpaper

© Graham & Brown / Terrazzo Blue Wallpaper

In home design, history often repeats itself. Many of the latest trends take their inspiration from the past, whether that’s borrowing from the 1950s’ pinks, the 1970s’ velvets, or the 1980s’ wave of florals. “By reaching back for culture and forward for contemporary techniques, we combine the best of old and new,” says Katie Skoloff, principal designer and founder of In Site Designs, an interior design firm in Greenville, S.C. “People feel validated by heritage, especially as we age, and are always peeking into our ties from the past.” Trends we once loved reemerge and are being enjoyed with fresh eyes. Homes are becoming design time capsules of a sort as ideas evocative of themes and styles from the past spring to life. “Everything old is new again,” says Julea Joseph, owner of Reinventing the Space, a home staging and interior design firm in Chicago. Take a look at some trends of the past that have been making a comeback.