2022: A Turn Away From DIY Home Improvement Projects

The pandemic-era remodeling boom continued this year, but homeowners were more keen to seek professional help rather than do it themselves.

As the remodeling boom continues, homeowners are increasingly in search of outdoor projects and other renovation ideas. Though the housing market overall is slowing, there is no shortage of demand for home improvement. But are some homeowners trying to take on too much for their level of DIY expertise?

The following are the top home and design articles at REALTOR® Magazine Online for 2022:

Outdoor area with snow

1. How Homeowners Can Make the Most of Their Yards—Even in Winter

After almost two years of pandemic life, homeowners understand the significant value of having a yard. Here are 8 ideas for getting creative with outdoor space.

Bathroom with plant

2. 7 Most Popular Bathroom Upgrades

Homeowners are spending a median of $9,000 on bathroom renovations, which is 13% higher than last year, a new study finds. These are their favorite trends.

DIY renovation

3. 4 DIY Jobs Sellers Should Stop Doing

Home inspectors say they can spot the work of an amateur versus a pro.

Bedroom with storage

4. Home Organization That’s Easy to Maintain

Share these tips with your clients to help them take a deep dive into decluttering and storage for greater efficiency and enjoyment of their abode.

Home design trends

5. 2023 Home and Design Trends to Watch

Sustainable design and warm, cozy spaces are on the rise in 2023.