Lender Offers Mortgage Discount to the Vaccinated

Woman holding a vaccination card

©Grace Cary - Getty Images

Neat Loans announced that clients who get a COVID-19 vaccine will receive a $500 discount on home financing through the company. The discount applies to $500 on closing costs for residential purchases or when refinancing a mortgage loan.

More companies are requiring their employees to get vaccinated prior to returning to the office. But now some firms are extending that to clients with enticing offers to motivate more people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Mortgage lenders need to have important conversations with their clients about the home-buying process and their vaccine status as it related to employment,” says Luke Johnson, CEO of Neat Capital, a financial services technology company based in Boulder, Colo. “This is partly due to responsible companies requiring employees be vaccinated to keep workplaces safe, and employment status is critical when trying to fund a home loan.”

To be eligible for the discount, borrowers must show a digital or electronic picture of a vaccine record. Neat also would make the lender credit available to unvaccinated borrowers who attest that they are unable to be vaccinated due to health status or religious reasons.