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One of the nation’s largest lenders to real estate investors—LendingHome—will change its name over the coming months to Kiavi. With a new name, the company sets out to expand its lending options to real estate investors, as demand surges.

LendingHome’s new name of Kiavi comes from the Italian word “chiave” meaning “key” in English.

The company says it plans to expand its support of real estate investors, especially by providing greater opportunities to invest in America’s aging housing stock.

More than 65% of U.S. homes are 30 years old or older. With access to more funding resources, real estate investors can renovate and deliver move-in-ready homes and help alleviate some housing shortages occurring across the country, the company says.

The company plans to use AI-powered analytics to help real estate investors make investment decisions with the use of greater data.

“We’re proud of the work we’ve done to build a technology platform designed specifically for today’s residential real estate investor and to have assembled an industry-leading team to serve our customers,” says Michael Bourque, CEO of Kiavi. “As the company transitions to Kiavi, management’s goal is to continue expanding the tools available to investors across the real estate investment life cycle. We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to bring technology and data-driven insights to the entire process.”

In 2019, as demand for single-family homes and rentals grew, the company expanded its offerings to include rental loans to assist investors with strategies to buy, renovate, and rent out move-in-ready homes. The demand for single-family rental homes has only grown since the pandemic.

Established in 2013, LendingHome has funded more than $7.8 billion in loans across 35,000 projects nationwide.