Costliest States to Maintain Homes

Two men working on repairing a home's roof.

© Andy Sacks - The Image Bank / Getty Images

Home costs are rising, as are the costs of maintaining a home. Sixty-three percent of Americans say they’ve felt sticker shock when obtaining home repair estimates, according to a new survey of about 1,000 homeowners published by Angi, a site dedicated to searching for and reviewing home contractors.

Roof repairs and appliance fixes are the most common home maintenance projects, the study finds.

More than 40% of home maintenance repairs are due to normal wear and tear. Home maintenance costs Americans an average of $3,018 each year.

Location may impact the overall costs of maintaining a home, the study finds. For example, weather conditions and natural disasters can greatly influence home maintenance needs and costs, the study finds.

Texas tops the list as the priciest place for home maintenance, followed by Florida. Researchers calculated the total dollar amount spent on services in each state based on average home repair costs.

A graphic list of the top 10 most expensive states in which to maintain a home.