It Starts With Communication

NAR’s communicators have been busy reassessing the ways we connect with you.

More than three dozen professional communicators at the National Association of REALTORS®, including the staff of REALTOR® Magazine, strive daily in all of our platforms, from print to podcasts to videos to e-newsletters, to bring you timely and actionable information. Our aim is to share in plain language how the association advocates for you and to provide insights that you can leverage to fuel your business.

In July, many of us—magazine editors, web content strategists, social media and speechwriting staffers, and others—cloistered ourselves in a conference room for 13 hours (OK, spread over two days, with ample provisions to sustain us) to discuss how to improve the relevance, speed, accuracy, and consistency of the editorial content we deliver to you.

We identified high-level themes like embracing industry chaos and building emotional intelligence, and we talked about the value of business fundamentals, even at a time of head-spinning disruption. We talked about door-knocking, and net neutrality, and fire prevention. Some of these ideas will be further honed into stories. It was reinvigorating to pause our day-to-day work to reflect on our core editorial mission: to help you reach your full business potential. It’s complicated to devise a content plan to reach 1.2 million REALTORS® who represent disparate business interests, skill levels, backgrounds, markets, and niches. But we hope, with each of our six yearly issues, you find something that grabs you and stays with you during your real estate journey. We’re deep into planning for 2018 and have a goal to break the mold with a theme-based approach to addressing the business issues and trends most relevant to you. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I’m excited that the magazine will take the stage at the REALTORS® Conference & Trade Expo in our hometown of Chicago in November. We’re hosting a panel discussion dubbed “The Secret Language of Millennial Clients,” featuring industry pros and magazine staff members. Managing Editor Meg White will be among the panelists, drawing on her smart reporting about this often-misunderstood demographic and personal experience as a millennial buyer.

Speaking of the conference, on our website, Senior Editor Graham Wood brings you insights from three of the event’s Spotlight Series speakers: Erin Meyer, Kelly McDonald, and Freakonomics co-author Steven Levitt. I think you’ll find their thoughts on authenticity and effective communication relatable.

There’s still time to sign up for the hallmark NAR gathering in our hometown. REALTOR® Magazine will be there, soaking up knowledge and aiming to distill the most compelling and enduring insights for you. But our efforts can never substitute for the first-hand educational and face-to-face networking opportunities that await you when you’re surrounded by leading industry voices and tens of thousands of your peers.

Won’t you join us in November?