Getting to Know You Better

The Day in the Life of a REALTOR® program is helping NAR staff build connections with you.
business group at desk

Sam Edwards - Caiaimage/Getty Images

The Day in the Life of a REALTOR® program, which launched in March, pairs NAR employees with a REALTOR® or a state or local association, to spend a day learning more about members’ work and association activities and creating stronger connections. To date, more than 125 NAR staff members have spent time in the field gaining knowledge and empathy for what REALTORS® do each day. This deeper understanding translates into even better service from NAR, says NAR CEO Bob Goldberg, who spent a day with REALTOR® Bonnie Roberts-Burke in Washington, D.C. “I’ve been in the industry 35 years, and I learn something new every time I’m out there,” says Goldberg. For more, visit