Cities With Most, Least Pet-Friendly Properties

Woman with her dog on a rug

©Dougal Waters - Getty Images

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. households own a pet, and nearly half of those pet owners are renters, according to new research from All About Cats, a pet resource website.

For renters whose pets are a vital consideration during their home search, All About Cats released research on the best and worst places in the U.S. to find a pet-friendly rental property. It’s easiest to find a pet-friendly rental in New York and Charlotte, N.C., according to the study.

The following are the best cities for pet-friendly rentals:

  1. New York: 66.45% (the percentage of properties that accept pets)
  2. Charlotte, N.C.: 50.78%
  3. Arlington, Texas: 49.39%
  4. Fort Worth, Texas: 48.59%
  5. Kansas City, Mo.: 45.81%
  6. Jacksonville, Fla.: 44.1%
  7. Mesa, Ariz.: 43.17%
  8. Indianapolis: 41.74%
  9. San Antonio: 41.18%
  10. Memphis, Tenn.: 40.74%

Meanwhile, the worst cities to find a pet-friendly rental are in Fresno, Calif. (just 4.88% of properties accept pets), followed by San Jose, Calif. (6.24%) and Detroit. (6.85%).

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