Brutal Honesty Pays Off for ‘Worst House’ Listing

A picture of the inside of an abandoned, decrepit building, with damaged lattice windows.

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The listing agent of a home in North Carolina’s Outer Banks decided to take a brutally honest approach on the home he was marketing: It is “the worst house.”

That honesty is paying off. The home sold in a week. It fetched more than 20 offers.

The three-bedroom distressed home was listed for $199,999. Located in Kill Devil Hills, N.C., it has a roof that is falling down, while ceilings and drywall in some rooms are missing. Interior walls are torn apart and their pieces are scattered everywhere; mold is nearly everywhere; and potential buyers are warned: Enter at your own risk.

“There’s no need to put lipstick on the pig on this one,” Jeff Kluger, the listing agent with Coldwell Banker, told®. “I just felt like there’s nothing to hide. I needed to be upfront and tried to make it look funny.”

Kluger injects humor into his marketing approach with the approval of his home seller. As Kluger writes on the listing: “If you are looking for a Real FIXER UPPER on the Outer Banks, this is it. This one is uglier than your third divorce. … This might be the WORST House you have ever seen on the Outer Banks, but it is priced accordingly.”

After he listed the home, the phone rang all day, Kluger says. Humor has paid off in getting more publicity for the home. Also, the home’s looks may not be a selling point, but its location—next to the Atlantic Ocean—is proving to be. Other homes this close to the beach often sell for $350,000 in comparison.

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