5 Most-Read Sales & Marketing Articles of the Year

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The housing market is extremely competitive, and real estate pros have had to get creative while helping their buyers succeed. Also, home sellers are relying on you to help them sort out the best move in the frenzy. The following are the top-read articles in REALTOR® Magazine’s Sales & Marketing section over the past year.

Handouts for Customers

Download customizable tip sheets for your customers that can reinforce your value and show off your real estate expertise. Handouts are available to customize on a variety of topics for home buyers, sellers, and owners on topics ranging from home financing, choosing a REALTOR®, moving checklists, and more.

Quick, the Appraiser Is at the Door

The motto “be prepared’ applies not only to Scouting but also to getting your sellers ready for an appraisal.

Why Do Square Footage Disputes Arise?

Be ready to explain to home buyers and sellers why there may be conflicting reports on a home’s livable space. Industry experts Dawn M. Molitor-Gennrich and Francois K. Gregoire share more about square footage disputes.

Is That Condo Building Structurally Sound?

Florida real estate professionals share tips on identifying potential red flags after the deadly collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Fla., on June 24.

7 Reasons to Work With a REALTOR®

Check out this popular “Handouts for Customer” sheet that offers an overview of how a REALTOR® can help buyers or sellers. Download and customize it with your branding to share with your prospects.