Individual Salesperson
Texas Landmen LLC
Boerne, Texas


2022 Individual Sales Volume: $51.9 million
2022 Individual Transaction Volume: 30

Fueling Twin Passions

Every day he puts his boots on, Weston Jenkins, 27, juggles two intersecting passions: his ranch and farm real estate business and the nonprofit he started, Disabled Outdoorsmen USA, which changes lives through the healing power of the outdoors. He gives at least $500 from each commission check to the nonprofit and is delighted when real estate clients host hunting, fishing and other activities at a property he has sold them. “We focus on giving people with a disability the ability to achieve their dreams and return to activities like hiking, riding bikes, sightseeing or fishing,” Jenkins says.

Inspired by his cousin, who was born with Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, Jenkins launched his nonprofit while still in college in 2017. In addition to raising $255,000 at DOUSA’s February banquet, Jenkins makes connections through the organization—which now operates in five states—that also generate numerous business leads. He’s always ready to head in whatever direction his twin passions take him.

“Last year, I put 75,000 miles on my truck. I call it my mobile office,” he says. “I look forward to opening an accessible ranch in Texas where people come from all over the nation to recharge. Any commission I get would go right back into making the property what we want it to be.”